Episode 11: Meet the man behind “The Dude”

June 29, 2015

Eriq Nelson is an improv actor who plays a vital role at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota as "The Dude," the face of the hospitals' in-house TV station, Star Studio. Nelson talks about how he got his start at Children's in 2007 and how "The Dude" can provide kids with a different kind of medicine through humor, laughter, play and entertainment.


Episode 10: Dex Tuttle on car seat safety

June 15, 2015

Dex Tuttle, Children's injury prevention program coordinator, answers questions about car seat safety and provides information about rear-, front-facing and booster seats; the factors that go into choosing the proper car seat for your child and vehicle, as well as how to properly install a child safety seat.


Episode 9: Dr. Rachel Miller on pediatric gynecology

June 8, 2015

Dr. Rachel Miller, one of two pediatric gynecologists — the only two in the Twin Cities  at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, joins the show to talk about how girls benefit from visiting a pediatric and adolescent gynecologist, the different reasons for why she sees patients, and the differences between pediatric and adult gynecological exams.


Episode 8: Dr. Doug Hyder on headache management

May 19, 2015

Dr. Doug Hyder, medical director of pediatric neurology at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, provides information about headaches, including the symptoms, how they originate, how they're connected to our activities and different from migraines, and how they can be managed.


Episode 7: Missy Berggren on food allergies

May 11, 2015

Missy Berggren joins the show to share her experience as a mother of a child with severe food allergies. She provides her perspective as a parent and food-allergy advocate and answers questions that parents and others may have regardless of the role food allergies play in their daily lives. Whether it's what to do in school, at restaurants, play dates or parties, there's something for everyone in this episode.


Episode 6: Dr. Maurice Sholas on physiatry, rehabilitation services

April 13, 2015

Dr. Maurice Sholas, senior medical director of rehab services at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, discusses how rehabilitation is connected to every aspect of care at Children's. Dr. Sholas shares his experiences of providing care in New Orleans and Atlanta and his vision for Children's in its pursuit of helping kids get better from start to finish through personalized, innovative care and treatment.


Episode 5: Dr. Gigi Chawla on well-child visits

April 6, 2015

Dr. Gigi Chawla, senior medical director of primary care at Children's, joins the show to discuss all things well-child visits and the importance of finding the right pediatrician for your child from birth to adulthood. She answers a lot of questions and provides helpful information for parents with kids of all ages.


Episode 4: Child life specialists on taking medicine

March 23, 2015

Children's child life specialists Jeri Kayser, Sarah Magnuson and Sam Schackman join the show to talk about the different challenges parents face with kids of all ages when it comes to taking medicine, both short and long term. The trio provide tips and strategies for help and success during the most difficult times when med taking seems impossible.


Episode 3: Nicole Skaro and Dr. Anne Bendel on patient family-doctor relationship and care team

March 19, 2015

Dr. Anne Bendel, the director of neuro oncology at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, and Nicole Skaro, the mother of Victor "Valiant Vito" Skaro, discuss the importance of establishing a strong relationship between the doctor and patient family as well as parents' roles as members of a child's care team. Vito was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in August 2014, when he was 11 months old. Nicole and Dr. Bendel share what questions parents should ask when facing a life-changing medical diagnosis.


Episode 2: Dr. Keith Cavanaugh on sleep health for children

March 2, 2015

Dr. Keith Cavanaugh and Karen Johnson, APRN, of the Children's Sleep Center in St. Paul talk about healthy sleep habits for kids from newborns to teens. They cover children and schedules, sleep apnea, daylight saving time, teens and technology, and other sleep habits, both good and bad, providing information for parents and kids.